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The TN Visa, a unique non-immigrant visa category for Canadian and Mexican citizens, offers a pathway for temporary employment in the United States. This guide addresses the top 10 most common queries to enhance your understanding of the TN Visa.

  1. Introduction to TN Visas The TN Visa enables qualified Canadian and Mexican citizens to engage in professional-level business activities in the U.S. Established under NAFTA, now superseded by USMCA, it fosters reciprocal trade and mobility among the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
  2. Who Qualifies for a TN Visa? Eligibility hinges on being a Canadian or Mexican citizen, with the job offer in the U.S. aligning with the NAFTA/USMCA occupational list. Necessary qualifications typically include a bachelor’s degree or professional licensure.
  3. TN Visa Application Process The application varies by nationality. Canadians may apply at U.S. ports of entry, whereas Mexicans must apply at U.S. embassies or consulates in Mexico. Those in the U.S. can opt for an I-129 petition filed by their employer.
  4. Required Documentation Essential documents include proof of citizenship, an employer support letter, and evidence of professional qualifications. Mexicans must also complete the DS-160 online application.
  5. Processing Timeframes Timeframes vary. Canadians might receive immediate approval at the border, while Mexicans may face a longer wait. For status changes within the U.S., USCIS processing times apply.
  6. Validity and Renewal Initially valid for up to three years, TN Visas can be indefinitely extended in three-year increments, contingent on continuing to meet eligibility criteria.
  7. Changing Employers on a TN Visa Transitioning to a new employer is permissible but requires compliance with TN Visa norms, including a new employer support letter and potential reapplication for TN status.
  8. Accompanying Family Members Spouses and children (under 21) of TN Visa holders can obtain TD Visas. While they may study, they are not permitted to work in the U.S.
  9. Transitioning to a Green Card While the TN Visa is temporary and non-immigrant, transitioning to a Green Card is possible but complex, given the requirement of non-immigrant intent. Professional legal guidance is highly recommended.
  10. Addressing Visa Denials Understanding the reasons for denial is crucial for future reapplication success. Denials may result from documentation issues, non-qualifying roles, or immigrant intent suspicions. Legal advice is advisable post-denial.


Navigating the TN Visa requirements demands careful attention to detail and an understanding of both the opportunities and limitations it presents. Stay informed and consider consulting with an immigration expert for personalized advice.

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