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Applying for a TN or L-1 Visa? The choice of your port of entry plays a key role in the application process. Designated ports offer enhanced expertise in processing TN and L-1 Visa applications, providing consistent treatment and increasing your likelihood of success.

Designated Ports Across Canada

  1. Calgary International Airport
  2. Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Toronto
  3. Trudeau International Airport in Quebec
  4. Vancouver International Airport

Michigan Ports

  1. Detroit Canada Tunnel POE
  2. Detroit Ambassador Bridge POE

Montana Port

  1. Sweetgrass POE

New York Ports

  1. Alexandria Bay POE
  2. Champlain POE
  3. Peace Bridge POE
  4. Lewiston Bridge POE
  5. Rainbow Bridge POE

Vermont Ports

  1. Highgate Springs POE
  2. Derby Line POE

Washington Port

  1. Blaine Peace Arch POE

Why Choose Designated Ports?

While applying at any port of entry is an option, our experience suggests that designated ports provide the most consistent treatment and optimal results. Choosing a non-designated port may lead to complications, even refusals or denials.

Appointment Requirements

Applying for your TN or L-1 Visa is usually a convenient process. However, it’s essential to note that designated ports often have specific hours and days for processing applications. Some ports may even require you to schedule an appointment in advance. Before initiating your application, check with the chosen port of entry for the latest appointment requirements to stay well-prepared.

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