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US Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) has designated certain ports of entry for applying for first-time TN Visas and or L-1 Visas. Due to the high volume of cases that they process on a regular basis, certain designated ports have more experience and training with TN Visa and L-1 Visa applications. It is advised that you process your TN Visa or L-1 Visa at one of the fifteen (15) designated locations listed below.

  • Canada
    • Calgary International Airport
    • Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Toronto
    • Trudeau International Airport in Quebec
    • Vancouver International Airport
  • Michigan
    • Detroit Canada Tunnel POE
    • Detroit Ambassador Bridge POE
  • Montana
    • Sweetgrass POE
  • New York
    • Alexandria Bay POE
    • Champlain POE
    • Peace Bridge POE
    • Lewiston Bridge POE
    • Rainbow Bridge POE
  • Vermont
    • Highgate Springs POE
    • Derby Line POE
  • Washington
    • Blaine Peace Arch POE

Do I have to apply at a port of entry for designated TN Visas or L-1 Visas? No. However, it is our experience that you will receive the most consistent treatment and best results when applying at a TN Visa or L-1 Visa designated port of entry. Applying at a non-designated port of entry can be problematic and even lead to a refusal or denial.

Is an appointment required to apply for a TN Visa or L-1 Visa? In most cases, you are applying for a TN Visa or L-1 Visa at your convenience. However, most ports of entry have designated hours and days of the week for processing TN Visa and L-1 Visa applications. Additionally, some ports of entry require an appointment to be set up in advance of your application. Before you apply for your TN Visa or L-1 Visa you should check with the port of entry for up-to-date appointment requirements.

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