Does a TN Offer Letter need to be an original or can it be a copy? If you are applying for a TN visa you are required to present an original ink signed TN offer letter on official U.S. company letterhead. They will not accept copies, faxes, e letters, emails, e signatures, or any other alternative. The letter must be an original.

In addition to the requirement of an original ink signed letter, A TN Offer letter must include:

  1. The TN visa profession under which you are applying.
  2. The start and end date for the intended employment.
  3. The wage or salary offered.
  4. A detailed list of the proposed duties.
  5. Any other details to appraise the Officer of the position to be performed in the United States.

Most offer letters fail to meet the minimum requirements for a TN visa application. We see many TN visa applications denied simply due to an improper TN offer letter. It is best to work with an experienced TN visa lawyer before applying for a TN visa.

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