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Qualified Canadian citizens are able to make a TN visa application at certain US ports of entry. With the proper documentation in hand, a decision will be made on the spot, and you will be admitted under TN status with immediate work authorization.

What is required for a TN Visa Border Application?

  • Proof of Canadian Citizenship
  • Original letter of support from a US employer/client on official company letterhead. The letter must be original and ink signed. CBP has adopted the USCIS signature policy. This includes copies of valid ink signed forms and documents. Use caution when relying on a copy as CBP still has the discretion to require an original over a copy.
  • Original proof of qualifications. You must carry with you your original degrees, certificates, diplomas, licenses, or proof of your qualifications. This may mean carrying a degree in a frame with you when you submit your TN visa border application.
  • Proof of intent. A TN visa is non-immigrant. This means you must demonstrate your intent to return to Canada at the end of your temporary employment.

What should I do to prepare for my TN application?

Prior to making a TN visa border application, you should speak with an experienced TN visa lawyer to make sure you have the necessary supporting documents and that you meet the qualifications under the USCMA.

Our TN Visa Lawyer Services What is the USCIS Signature requirement?

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