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If you’re a Canadian citizen looking to work temporarily in the United States, the TN Visa offers a streamlined process at U.S. ports of entry. Understanding the essential documentation and qualifications is key to a successful TN visa border application.

Essential Documentation for TN Visa Application:

  1. Proof of Canadian Citizenship: Start by showcasing your Canadian citizenship. This foundational document sets the stage for your TN visa application.
  2. Original Letter of Support: A crucial component is an original ink-signed letter of support from your U.S. employer or client. Ensure it’s on official company letterhead, as U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) follows the USCIS signature policy. Originals are preferred over copies.
  3. Proof of Qualifications: Bring along original documents proving your qualifications. This may include degrees, diplomas, certificates, licenses, or any other relevant credentials that demonstrate your professional competence.
  4. Proof of Intent: As the TN visa is non-immigrant, you must demonstrate a clear intention to return to Canada after your temporary employment in the U.S.

Preparation for a Successful TN Visa Application:

To enhance the chances of a seamless TN visa application, consider consulting with a TN visa lawyer. Their expertise in this field can provide valuable guidance on the required supporting documents and help you assess if you meet the qualifications outlined in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Remember, a well-prepared TN visa border application could lead to an on-the-spot decision, granting immediate work authorization under TN status.

Embark on your TN visa journey with confidence, armed with the knowledge and documentation necessary for a successful application process.

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