Does my job offer qualify for a TN visa?

The first step to understanding whether your job offer qualifies for a TN Visa involves verifying the terms and specifications of your employment offer. Keep in mind that many employers may not consider the need for a TN Visa when composing the job offer letter. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with TN Visa qualifying professions and understanding the requirements for a TN Visa job offer is of utmost importance.

How to Determine if Your Job Offer Qualifies for a TN Visa

Determining your job offer’s eligibility for a TN Visa can be challenging, particularly when the offer does not clearly align with the listed TN Visa professions. Our three-part analysis will help guide you in evaluating whether your job offer meets the requirements for TN Visa status.

  1. Identify Your Profession: The job title is often used for employment purposes and may not accurately represent your actual profession. Focus on the work you’ll be performing rather than the title you’ll carry. If your profession aligns with the USMCA professions list, you could potentially qualify for a TN Visa.
  2. Review Your Qualifications: To qualify for a TN Visa, you need to meet the necessary education and/or experience requirements for your profession. Ensure your qualifications are closely related to your profession and provide supporting evidence, such as letters from former employers.
  3. Examine Your Job Duties: Your job duties provide a better understanding of your profession than your job title. Check if the duties align closely with a USMCA profession. If they do, your position could qualify for a TN Visa.

If your job role satisfies the above three criteria, you could potentially qualify for a TN Visa.

The Role of an Immigration Lawyer in Your TN Visa Application

Navigating the TN Visa application process can be tricky, especially when there’s ambiguity between your job offer and the listed USMCA professions. In such cases, consider consulting with an immigration lawyer experienced with TN Visa applications. Their advice and counsel can help ensure that your TN Visa application meets all requirements for approval.

What is the difference between an offer letter and a support letter for a TN Visa?

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