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The requirements for TN Visa status as a Computer Systems analyst can be confusing as there are several ways to qualify. In addition, the qualifications are based on North American degrees. This can be especially confusing for professionals educated outside of North America. We review the TN profession of Computer Systems Analyst (CSA), the requirements, and who qualifies here.

What does a computer systems analyst do?

Computer systems analysts, sometimes called systems architects, study an organization’s current computer systems and procedures and design improvements to them. In doing so, these analysts help the organization operate more efficiently. According to the CBP Inspector’s Field Manual computer systems analysts (CSA) typically do the following:

A computer systems analyst (CSA) is an information specialist who analyzes how data processing can be applied to the specific systems needs of users and who designs and implements computer-based processing systems. Computer systems analysts study the overall organization or organizational component to identify its information needs and design computer systems that meet those needs. A computer systems analyst is generally precluded from performing actual programming functions, although a computer systems analyst may be required, on occasion, to engage in limited programming activities. Such limited programming activities, however, should be the exception, and not the rule.

Is a computer systems analyst the same as a computer programmer or computer scientist?

A Computer Systems Analyst should not be confused with computer programming or computer scientists. These professionals use their knowledge and skills to solve computer problems, enable computer technology to meet the individual needs of the “sponsoring” entity, and help that entity achieve maximum benefit from its investment in equipment, personnel, and business processes. The computer systems analyst category does not include programmers.

How do I qualify as a computer systems analyst under the USMCA?

You can meet the qualifications of a computer systems analyst for TN Visa status under the USMCA in three (3) ways:

  1. Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree in a closely related field, OR
  2. Post-secondary diploma plus 3 years of relevant experience. A post-secondary diploma is a credential issued on completion of 2 or more years of post-secondary education by an accredited institution in Canada or the US. Diplomas issued outside of Canada or the US do not meet this requirement, OR
  3. Post-secondary certificate plus 3 years of relevant experience. A post-secondary certificate is a credential issued on completion of 2 or more years of post-secondary education by the federal or state government of Mexico. Certificates issued outside of Mexico do not meet this requirement.

Can I use an evaluation of my foreign degree to qualify as a computer systems analyst?

If you have a four (4) year degree from outside of North America, you can rely on a stand-alone credentials evaluation to show that you meet the Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree requirement only. The evaluation cannot combine experience or other credentials. A credentials evaluation is not a substitute for a diploma or certificate. If you earned a certificate or diploma outside of North America it will not meet this requirement.

How do I prove my qualifying experience?

A resume is considered self-serving and is not sufficient evidence of experience. Experience must be supported by letters from current or former employers attesting to experience in the field and must cover at least 3 years.

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