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Navigating the complexities of TN Visa applications can be challenging, especially after facing multiple denials. This case study highlights the journey of a client who, despite three unsuccessful border attempts, successfully obtained a TN Visa through meticulous planning and strategic application via USCIS.

The Challenge

Our client sought TN Visa status under the profession of Management Consultant but was met with denials at each border attempt. These setbacks posed significant hurdles in their path to working legally in the United States.

Our Approach

Understanding the critical nature of the situation, our team conducted a thorough review of the previous denials, scrutinizing the client’s qualifications and the specifics of their consulting arrangement. Based on our assessment, we advised a change in strategy – applying by mail with USCIS.

The Solution

Our in-depth preparation of the application, including comprehensive forms and supporting documents, paid off. The USCIS swiftly approved our client’s TN Visa, validating our strategic approach and attention to detail.

“Christine Jurusik is highly knowledgeable, professional, very responsive and easy to work with to handle complex TN visa challenges. She is meticulous in preparing all the forms, supporting documents and digs deep to ensure that no detail is left untouched in preparing TN visa using the mail-in option for I-129. Her expertise and the care she took, in my particular case, made me feel comfortable. I really appreciate her professionalism, and her competence. The communication was superb. In her office team, Lindsay and Sara, both were helpful, very responsive & fantastic. Every single question I asked was answered promptly & diligently with no hesitation. I was successful in obtaining the TN visa on the first attempt. Definitely they know what they are doing. Overall, I have had a great experience with them. I would absolutely, with full 5 stars, recommend them to anyone with TN visa needs.”


This case exemplifies our commitment to overcoming immigration hurdles, even in the face of repeated denials. Our client is now working in the United States under TN Visa status and is on the path to obtaining a green card, a testament to our tailored and effective immigration solutions.

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