TN Visa Licensing requirement

There are many professions that have licensing requirements to work at a professional level within the United States. Although a license may be required to work at a professional level, enforcement of the licensing requirement is not a requirement for admission into the United States under TN visa status.    We explain the licensing requirements for TN Visa status below.

What is the licensing requirement for the TN Visa?

According to 9 FAM 402.17-b(B) License Not Required:

a. The list of professions reveals requirements for admission into the United States under immigration provisions.  Such requirements for admission or classification as a USMCA professional do not include licensure in the United States.  Licensure to practice a given profession in the United States is a post-entry requirement subject to enforcement by the appropriate state or other non-Federal authority.

b. Proof of licensure to practice a given profession in the United States may be offered along with a job offer letter or other documentation in support of an application for TN classification.  But admission/classification must not be denied based solely on the fact that the applicant does not already hold a license to practice in the United States.

The USMCA does not include a licensing requirement for TN visa status. Although a license may be used as proof of qualification for TN visa status, an applicant should not be denied for not having a license when the requirements can be met through education and or experience. Verification of licensure is ultimately up to the state where the TN professional will work.

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