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Embarking on the path to a TN visa can have its challenges, as one Canadian IT professional discovered when faced with a denial at a US port of entry. This is the story of resilience, expert guidance, and the ultimate triumph in obtaining a 3-year TN visa as a Computer Systems Analyst.

Navigating Denial: A Second Opinion with Richards and Jurusik

After an initial denial of the TN visa application as a Computer Systems Analyst, our client sought a second opinion. Referrals and positive reviews led them to our fim. From the first consultation, it was evident that their case was in capable hands.

Comprehensive Support: Overcoming the Hurdles

Our team went to work, understanding the nuances of the case and identifying areas for improvement. A detailed support letter, meticulously assembled supporting documents, and a complete TN visa application were crafted to address the initial concerns and present a robust case.

Reapplication Success: 3-Year TN Visa Approval

Armed with a strengthened application, our client reapplied for TN visa status at a US port of entry. The reviewing CBP Officer, satisfied with the thoroughness and professionalism of the application, approved a 3-year TN visa. The once-denied IT professional is now working in the US as a Computer Systems Analyst.

As a Canadian citizen with many years of global IT experience and multiple industry certifications and while holding a Canadian degree, I thought that it is a no brainer for me to get the TN visa. However, I got denied with no good reason. Feeling all blue and not satisfied with the whole process, I figured I’ll consult with a few lawyers and get a second opinion.I contacted and reviewed my case with at least two other law firms until I came across with a strong recommendation from a friend to go for Richards and Jurusik immigration law, and I am glad that I did. Right from the initial consult, it was evident that my case was in the capable hands of Jeremy.As the world tackled the global health crisis, Richards and Jurusik immigration law handled my case with utmost attention and detail. In these uncertain times, when another law firm might back down due to the border closures and stay at home shelters, Richards and Jurusik immigration law not only kept me updated but were very professional in their dealings with me.I would strongly recommend anyone to at least consult with Richards and Jurusik immigration law if you have any immigration matter.Simply put, Jeremy and his team of knowledgeable professionals were a pleasure to work with, and the whole experience was just outstanding.

If you’re navigating the complexities of immigration, consider consulting with Richards and Jurusik. This success story underscores their dedication to turning challenges into victories, providing expert assistance in securing TN visas for professionals

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