TN Visa Issued Even With an Approved I-130

Our client had an approved I-130 pending NVC processing but has also received an offer to work in the United States. We assisted our client to obtain a TN Visa and then eventually a green card. We discuss the process of going from a TN Visa with the approved I-130 to a green card here.

TN Visa Issued Even With an Approved I-130

Our client’s journey toward obtaining their green cards had its share of challenges amid the COVID pandemic. In addition, they received a job offer mid-consular processing and needed to obtain a TN visa. We were able to guide them through the process of obtaining a TN visa with an approved I-130 and then completing the green card process through consular processing. Our client is now a green card holder and in the process of securing green cards for their children.

I strongly would recommend Richards and Jurusik!! Christine is professional and always available to help with any information regarding my wife’s and my journey to our green card. We both got our green card this year (2023) with Christine’s help and her team’s help.Christine also has helped me to apply for my TN Visa application in 2020 which went just fine. If you wanna work with professional immigration lawyers I strongly would recommend Richards and Jurusik Immigration Law!My green card process delayed a little bit longer than expected because of the pandemic and therefore there was huge backlog worldwide with NVC and because of this it took sometime for my interview with the consulate, but Christine advised me in every step of the way and in my cases calmed me! If you are worried that your case is taking too long, just be patient! Christine and her team will help you through all process!!Our next step now is to submit the paperwork for our kid so she can also get the green card through us, and Richards and Jurusik will help us through this process. Christine and her team are fantastic and I am thankful for the help so far!

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