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Both Canadian and Mexican citizens can qualify for TN visa status to work and live in the United States. In some cases, an employer decides to make the offer of employment permanent and sponsor the employee for US permanent residence (green card). We recently helped a Canadian citizen go from a TN Visa as an IT management consultant to a green card through the perm process. We discuss the process and this approval here.

TN Visa IT Management Consultant to Green Card through PERM, Approved!

Our Canadian citizen client held TN Visa status as an IT Management consultant for 6 years.  During the employment, the US employer decided to move forward with an offer of permanent employment and sponsorship through the PERM process. We assisted the employer with a successful recruitment campaign and submission of the ETA 9089 Application for Permanent Employment Certification to the US Department of Labor showing no willing, able, and qualified US citizens applied for the position. After DOL approved the 9089, the employer then filed the I-140 Petition for Foreign Worker with the US which was quickly approved opening the door for the employee and their family to obtain their green cards through employment. They are all now US permanent residents and will qualify for US citizenship in 5 years. 

Green Cards through Employment Sponsorship

What is the Permanent Labor Certification (PERM) process?

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The US immigration lawyers at Richards and Jurusik Immigration Law have more than 30+ years of experience helping Canadian and Mexican citizens to go from TN visas to green cards through the PERM process. Read some of our hundreds of 5-star client reviews! Contact us today for an assessment of your legal situation.

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