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Except in the case of K and E visas, Canadians are visa exempt. Giving Canadians easy access to travel to and from the United States. Even with visa-exempt status, Canadians need to be mindful of the limits of their status as visitors. We were able to assist a Canadian client that had been denied TN visa status due to unauthorized activities while visiting the US, to overcome the denial and obtain TN Visa status. Read more about our client’s journey to overcome the TN denial here.

Case Summary – TN Visa Approved after denial for immigrant intent and unauthorized activities in the USA.

Our Canadian citizen client approached us in desperation after a TN visa denial at Pearson pre-flight inspection in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They were denied entry and were not provided a statement or any other documents from CBP at the time of denial. After a debriefing of the situation, we were able to determine that CBP alleged that our client worked unauthorized, studied unauthorized, and had immigrant intent. All serious and potentially preventative reasons for obtaining TN visa status.

We were able to work with our client to prepare a TN visa application that proved their qualifications for TN visa status, overcame the allegations of unauthorized work, addressed the unauthorized studies, and showed their non-immigrant intent. After proper preparation and guidance, our client was able to re-apply for a TN visa status with CBP and was approved. They are now working in the US under the TN visa profession of Software Engineer.

The entire process of preparing a TN visa application to address the allegations from CBP and eventual approval of TN visa status took less than 2 weeks.

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