Green Card approved after entry as a Canadian Visitor

Canadian citizens are visa exempt and can enter the United States as visitors only with a passport. There is no need to obtain a visa. When a Canadian enters the United States without being stamped upon entry, this is referred to as a noncontrolled Canadian. We have helped hundreds of noncontrolled Canadians obtain green cards through marriage to US citizens. We discuss the recent approval of a green card for a noncontrolled Canadian here. 

Green Card for noncontrolled Canadian married to a US Citizen Approved!

Our Canadian client entered the United States with her two children as noncontrolled Canadians to visit her US-citizen husband. After entry to the United States, they decided it would be best to remain and not return to Canada. We were able to work with our client to file a one-step green card application for her and her children. They were all approved for their green cards and are all now US permanent residents.

Great experience and would recommend to anyone. Jeremy and Danielle were always very responsive our questions and gave us complete peace of mind. Thank you Richards and Jurusik for making it such an easy stress free process!

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