H1B Visa to Green Card through PERM Approved

Our client was in need of a specialty engineer at their plant. We assisted them to enter the H1B visa lottery, obtaining an H1B for their employee, and then helping them sponsor their employee for a green card through PERM. We discuss the process of going from H1B visa to green card approval here. 

H1B Visa to Green Card through PERM Approved

Our client, a specialty manufacturer, was in need of an engineer to oversee their manufacturing facility. They were not able to find a US citizen that was qualified and willing to fill the role.  They were able to identify a foreign national that met the qualifications for the role. We assisted them with the H1B lottery and the H1B visa petition process. After entry to the US on an H1B visa, we then helped the employer with the PERM process obtaining approval from the US Department of Labor. After approval from the DOL, we filed Form I-140 Petition for Foreign Worker with USCIS which was subsequently approved. The employee then filed Form I-485 Adjustment of Status and is now a US permanent resident.

Our company used the services of Richards and Jurusik Immigration Law to obtain an H1B work visa and later a green card for one of our employees with valuable experience that we could not find locally. Jeremy Richards did an excellent job of helping us navigate the complicated application processes. With his reminders we were able to get things submitted in a timely manner to meet all of the deadlines. Everything went smoothly and we were successful in bringing our employee to the U.S. Jeremy could see how important this was to our company, and I felt like he truly cared about the success of our business. I would definitely recommend him for anyone who has the need for immigration services.

What is a “specialty occupation” for an H1B visa?

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