Green card through marriage

The closeness and ease of travel between Canada and the United States often cause people to overlook their distinct nationalities. This distinction becomes apparent when there’s a marriage, compelling one partner to shift permanently to the U.S. What once were simple trips now turn into intricate immigration procedures. We recently supported a client in transitioning from being a visitor from Canada to acquiring a green card due to his marriage to a U.S. citizen. Read his journey from a Canadian visitor to a U.S. green card holder below.

From Canadian Tourist to U.S. Green Card via Marriage – Success!

Our client, a Canadian married to an American, opted to establish the U.S. as his permanent residence after his visit as a visa-exempt traveler from Canada. We provided guidance on schedules, documentation, and essential procedures, enabling him to change from a Canadian tourist to a green card holder, through marriage to his American wife. Thankfully, his green card was approved in just 8 months! Currently, as a U.S. permanent resident, he’s on track to pursue U.S. citizenship, through his marriage to his American spouse, in just three years.

He left us the following review following the approval of his Green Card:

Richards and Jurusik were very helpful in the process of getting my green card. I would recommend anyone that is needing an immigration lawyer to choose these fine people. There was times that my situation was tricky but they knew exactly what to do and how to get it accomplished without any problems. I have my green card now, and would use them again for any other immigration issues I have. – Canadian Visitor to Green Card through Marriage to a U.S. Citizen

This experience is just one of the many examples of our experience in obtaining U.S. permanent residency through marriage for our Canadian clients.

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