TN visa for nurses

The United States, known for its world-class medical institutions, has always had a demand for healthcare professionals. With the increasing need to maintain essential staffing levels, the U.S. often looks beyond its borders to welcome qualified foreign nationals. One particular profession has witnessed a steady influx: registered nurses from Canada and Mexico.

TN Visa: A Gateway for Registered Nurses

Under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), previously known as NAFTA, a unique opportunity presents itself for qualified Canadian and Mexican registered nurses. They can secure TN status, allowing them to work and live in the U.S. This provision not only enhances the medical workforce in the United States but also offers these professionals a chance to expand their horizons and experiences. Our streamlined processes, extensive knowledge, and committed team have made us a preferred choice for many Canadian and Mexican nurses.

A Testament to Our Expertise

Recently, we had the pleasure of guiding a Canadian client who had received a job offer from a U.S. hospital. With our expertise, she was well-informed about the timelines, necessary paperwork, and steps to ensure a smooth transition. Our dedication paid off when she obtained her TN visa status directly at a port of entry, which was approved on the same day for three years! In her words:

“Highly recommend Christine Jurusik and the team who works with her. They are above and beyond!… No other immigration lawyer I worked before as reliable as them. I am very grateful. I cannot thank you enough. – TN Visa Status as a Registered Nurse (RN)”

As the demand in the U.S. medical field grows, we remain committed to serving as a resource for foreign-trained professionals. With our experience, dedication, and thorough understanding of the TN visa process, we stand ready to help many more nurses realize their American dream.

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