TN visa as chemist

Of the many TN visa occupations, Chemists can qualify for TN visa status to work in the United States. Both Canadian and Mexican citizen Chemists can obtain TN status to work in the United States for a U.S. employer. We recently helped a Canadian client apply for and obtain TN Visa status as a Chemist directly at a U.S. port of entry. We review the approval of her TN visa status as a Chemist here.

TN visa Approved for a Chemist!

Our Canadian client received a job offer to perform duties consistent with a chemist for a pharmaceutical company performing cancer research. We were able to advise her of timelines, paperwork, and the necessary steps to help her apply for and obtain TN visa status the same day at a U.S. port of entry. Her TN Visa was approved with very limited questions in less than 45 minutes! She is now in the U.S. working for her U.S. employer as a chemist.

She left us the following review following the approval of her TN visa status:

My case was handled by Jeremy Richards and Rachael Sparacino. With their help, I was able to obtain my TN visa with no problems. I found that the team was very helpful and fast with any questions I had, and they processed my application fairly quickly as well. I am really glad I decided to have Jeremy and Rachael on board with my visa application as it gave me the peace of mind I needed to ensure everything would go smoothly. Excellent work and thanks so much! – TN Visa Chemist

This experience is just one of the numerous examples showcasing our expertise in securing TN Visa status for our Canadian and Mexican clients.

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