TN visa to Green Card through marriage to a US Citizen Approved!

TN visa status is a nonimmigrant visa classification. This means when you obtain a TN visa your intent should be temporary and you should not have the intention to remain permanently in the United States. However, intent can change and often does. We have helped hundreds of TN visa holders obtain green cards through marriage to US citizens. We discuss a recent approval here. 

TN visa to Green Card through marriage to a US Citizen Approved!

Our Canadian client is married to a US citizen. They were living and working in Canada. He received a job offer to work in the United States and obtained a TN visa. While in the United States, he and his wife decided to make their transition to the United States permanent. We were able to assist them with the process of going from a TN Visa to a green card while remaining in the United States. He is now a US permanent resident.

Jeremy and his team made filing our case a breeze! He prepared our case and forms for us, as well as listed out all the supporting evidence we needed. Would definitely recommend especially if you are looking for adjustment from a TN Visa to a GC! Overall a great experience and an excellent and nice team to work with!

What are the green card options while on a TN visa?

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