Conditional Green Card, Removal of Conditions, and Citizenship Approved!

Our client reached out to us after receiving a notice of intent to deny (NOID). We helped them obtain a conditional green card, remove conditions for a 10-year green card, and eventually US citizenship. Our client is now a US citizen.  We discuss their journey here. 

Conditional Green Card, Removal of Conditions, and Citizenship Approved!

Our client submitted their own application for a green card based on marriage to a US citizen. The case was complicated by the fact that they lived in separate cities when the case was submitted. They received a notice of intent to deny (NOID). They reached out to us in desperation for assistance. We were able to assist them in drafting a compelling response to the NOID and the case was approved. Our client then returned for assistance with their removal of conditions application and finally the naturalization application. After what began as a stress-filled journey our client is now a US citizen.

With greatest conviction, sincerity, and confidence, Mr. Jeremy L. Richards, and staff, is the best of legal professionals one can obtain.Most reliable, trustworthy, and prompt, with individualized attention, concern, and service, with true care, friendliness, and matter of fact openness.Three times we retained his help;1) when the first application (In NYC) of a 2yr green card was denied- he helped get it approved in 2 weeks2) when renewing for the 10 yr green card, held up by slow immigration process, being passed to two other offices, he obtained an 18 month extension, helping to push that process through till approved.3) when applying for citizenship- he directed us to apply as early as possible, quickly getting approved for the interview and citizenship test, now awaiting for the swearing in ceremony.We really did feel that we were the only client on their minds, although we knew that wasn’t the case. Mr. Richards had multiple clients as witnessed at the immigration office when he greeted them in as great of concern and enthusiasm. Even when Mr. Richards was not in the office for some rare reason, his team was always willing to help, always welcoming. Never making us feel like we were a bother. They even had bottled water at hand to offer.We were very appreciative of the use of modern technology, the ease of direct contact through email, being 2 1/2 hours drive away.We hold Mr. Richards and supporting staff as one we will always rely on, completely. We actually are missing our visits with him. We are thoroughly grateful and of joy that we chose a legal team with a 5 star rating. Hope you will be too.

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