TN visa to green card through marriage

The TN Visa, designed for temporary stays, unveils a potential pathway to Green Card status through marriage to a US citizen. However, this transition demands careful contemplation of timing and intent nuances. In this guide, we explore the intricacies of transitioning from a TN Visa to a Green Card, offering valuable insights and key considerations.

Understanding Nonimmigrant Intent and the TN Visa

As a nonimmigrant visa, the TN Visa hinges on the individual’s intent to return to their home country post-employment. Marrying a US citizen, while permissible, introduces complexities related to immigrant intent. This section navigates the delicate balance required to preserve the validity of the TN Visa while contemplating marriage.

Transition from TN Visa to Green Card via Marriage

Marriage to a US citizen opens doors to an “adjustment of status,” allowing the TN Visa holder to transition to a Green Card while staying in the United States. Learn about the crucial steps involved, including the filing of Form I-130 by the US citizen spouse and concurrent submission of Form I-485 for status adjustment by the TN Visa holder.

Consulting an Experienced Immigration Lawyer

Given the complexities of transitioning from a TN Visa to a Green Card through marriage, seeking guidance from an experienced immigration lawyer is pivotal. Discover why the expertise of a legal professional specializing in TN Visa to Green Card transitions can make the process smoother and more efficient.

Embark on your journey from a TN Visa to a Green Card through marriage with a nuanced understanding of the process. Consult our experienced immigration lawyers for personalized guidance tailored to your unique situation.

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