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Under the United States-Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA), Mexican and Canadian citizens with offers of employment to work in identified professional-level positions can qualify for TN Visa status. TN visa status is only available for those listed under the USMCA professions list. We discuss TN visa status for trades such as welders, boiler makers, carpenters, electricians, mechanics, etc. here.

Can you get a TN visa for trades such as welders, boiler makers, carpenters, electricians, and mechanics?

The USMCA professions list does not list welders, boiler makers, carpenters, electricians, and mechanics as qualifying professions. Since these professions are not directly listed, many look to other possible matches on the USCMA professions list. One of the most common professions identified by many as a possible match is a Scientific Technician Technologist. However,  according to the U.S. Department of Justice on Nov. 7, 2002, memo*:

(5) Not admissible as ST/Ts are persons iintending to do work that is normally done by the construction trades (welders, bioler makers, carpenters, electricians, etc.), even where these trades are specialized to a particular industry (e.g., aircraft, power distribution, etc.)

Unfortunately, this guidance eliminates the trades and any related professions from potentially qualifying for TN visa status under the USMCA.

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