H1B Visa to Green Card through PERM for an Optometrist, Approved!

Our client was an optometrist working at both an H1B Cap-exempt and an H1B Cap-subject employer. They were able to obtain an H1B visa through the Cap-exempt employer and concurrent employment through the Cap-subject employer. We then assisted them to transition from H1B visa to a green card through PERM. We discuss their journey here.

H1B Visa to Green Card through PERM for an Optometrist, Approved!

Obtaining an H1B visa status can be difficult when working for a Cap-subject employer as you must obtain a visa allocation in the lottery. However, the H1B visa lottery can be avoided when working for a Cap-exempt employer. If you obtain a Cap-exempt H1B visa you are allowed to then work concurrently for a Cap-subject employer without having to go through the lottery. This only applies as long as you maintain your Cap-exempt employment. Our client did just that. We helped them obtain an H1B visa for a Cap-exempt employer and then add a concurrent Cap-subject employer.  We were then able to assist the employer with the PERM process and transition our client from an H1B visa to a green card. Our client is now a US permanent resident.

I have been a client of this firm for the last 8 years. Jeremy and his associates have been prompt, efficient and attentive to my needs as an H1B applicant and recipient. They recently processed my greencard and it went as smoothly as possible. He and his staff were always available over email and on the phone to assist me if need be. I’ve recommended this firm several times over and will continue to do so.

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