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At Richards and Jurusik, we recently faced a challenging TN Visa case for a Computer Systems Analyst. Despite initial denial at a port of entry due to application deficiencies, we managed to turn the situation around, leading to a successful visa approval.

Background of the Case

Our client, an experienced professional with several past TN Visas, chose to apply independently. Unfortunately, his application was denied. The primary issue lay in the degree evaluation and the method of equating his foreign education to U.S. standards.

Our Approach

Recognizing the complexities of the TN Visa process and the specific requirements under the USMCA, our team stepped in to rectify the situation. We:

  1. Secured a New Education Evaluation: We obtained a new degree evaluation that accurately met USMCA standards, ensuring it aligned with the requirements for a Computer Systems Analyst role.
  2. Prepared a Comprehensive TN Visa Application: Our approach included a meticulously prepared TN visa application, addressing all previous shortcomings and clearly outlining our client’s qualifications.
  3. Client Preparation for Reapplication: We equipped our client with the necessary guidance and information to confidently reapply, focusing on addressing the factors that led to the initial denial.

Successful Outcome

The revamped application and thorough preparation paid off. The CBP Officer, upon reviewing the new evaluation and our client’s qualifications, granted TN Visa status. Our client is now successfully employed in the U.S. as a Computer Systems Analyst on a TN Visa.

“Mr. Jeremy and Ms.Rachel took time to analyze specific needs of my Visa application, took my inputs and produced a great application with good insights into available options. They also provided timely advice that was crucial for my TN-Visa getting approved. Thumbs up 👍”


This case underscores the importance of expert guidance and attention to detail in immigration applications. At Richards and Jurusik, we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions to overcome visa challenges and help our clients achieve their professional goals in the United States.

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