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TN Visa Approved for Computer Systems Analyst after Initial Denial. Our client was denied TN Visa status at a port of entry due to several factors in their TN Visa application. The main issue was the education evaluation and qualifications as a Computer Systems Analyst. We were able to assist in preparing a TN visa application that was approved. We discuss the approval here. 

TN Visa Approved for Computer Systems Analyst after Initial Denial

Our client had several TN Visas in the past and decided to apply on his own. The application was insufficient and was denied. The main issue with the application was the degree evaluation and the way the evaluator equated their foreign education. We were able to assist in obtaining a new evaluation meeting USMCA standards, provided a complete TN visa application, and prepared our client to re-apply addressing the factors that led to the denial. The reviewing CBP Officer was satisfied with the new evaluation and explanation of our client’s qualifications and approved him for TN Visa status. He is now in the US working for his new employer on a TN Visa as a Computer Systems Analyst.

Mr. Jeremy and Ms.Rachel took time to analyze specific needs of my Visa application, took my inputs and produced a great application with good insights into available options. They also provided timely advice that was crucial for my TN-Visa getting approved. Thumbs up 👍

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