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If you’re pondering whether a TN Visa requires sponsorship, you’re not alone. Let’s demystify the TN Visa process and understand why it stands out as a less complex and more accessible option for Canadian and Mexican citizens compared to other US work visas under the USMCA (formerly NAFTA).

1. No Pre-Authorization from the US Department of Labor (DOL)

Unlike many other US work visas, the TN Visa process skips the requirement for certification from the US Department of Labor (DOL). While a competitive wage is crucial, there’s no need for a prevailing wage determination (PWD) or a labor market test. The absence of a Labor Condition Application (LCA) process through the DOL simplifies the TN Visa journey.

2. Limited Employer Involvement

TN Visa’s employer involvement is refreshingly straightforward. The primary requirement is a well-drafted support letter from the US employer, expressing the intent to hire the TN visa professional for a role listed under the USMCA TN Professions. This simplicity reduces the employer’s paperwork and involvement in the process.

3. TN Visa Applicants Take the Initiative

TN Visa applicants can take the lead in the application process. Whether at a US Port of Entry (POE) for Canadians or through a US Consulate or Embassy for Mexicans, TN professionals armed with qualifications and a supporting letter from their prospective employer can initiate and secure their TN Visas.

In essence, while a TN Visa demands a job offer and written support from a US employer, it doesn’t fall under the category of formal sponsorship. This distinction makes the TN Visa process more accessible, offering a straightforward path for qualified professionals seeking opportunities in the United States under the USMCA.

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