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When you apply for a visa through a US Consulate, the consulate has three options: approve the application, deny the application, or place the application in “administrative processing.” Administrative processing refers to a delay in the issuance of a visa for any reason. Administrative processing can last days to months to be resolved. We discuss traveling while your case is in administrative processing below.

Can I travel if my visa application is in administrative processing?

According to the US Department of State Visa Office, if no negative information is available to the consulate justifying the cancellation of a visa, an existing visa would not be canceled while a new application is pending administrative processing. If you are in possession of a valid, previously issued nonimmigrant visa, it may be presented at a port of entry to apply for admission to the United States.

Any visit would still need to comply with the limits of the visa. Admission to the United States would ultimately be up to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to determine admissibility at the time of entry.

My visa application is in administrative processing, what should I expect?

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