In the intricate landscape of US immigration, the choice of representation can significantly impact the success of your immigration journey. It’s imperative to unravel the complexities surrounding immigration consultants and the legalities involved in US immigration matters.

Understanding the Limitations of Immigration Consultants

In most cases, immigration consultants lack the authorization to practice immigration law, representing a critical distinction from their role in Canadian immigration law. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) does not recognize immigration consultants, prohibiting them from filing the USCIS Form G-28, which signifies an attorney or accredited representative’s entry of appearance in an immigration matter.

Authorized Immigration Service Providers

When it comes to US immigration, it’s vital to engage with authorized service providers recognized by USCIS:

  1. Representatives Accredited by DOJ’s OLAP: Representatives accredited by the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Access Programs (OLAP) and working for DOJ-recognized organizations are authorized to provide immigration assistance.
  2. Attorneys in Good Standing: Only attorneys in good standing, free from any order restricting their ability to practice law, are recognized as authorized immigration service providers.

Exclusive Role of Licensed US Immigration Lawyers

Unlike Canadian immigration law, where immigration consultants can play a role, US immigration law strictly limits representation to licensed professionals. Only licensed US immigration lawyers possess the legal authority to assist you with your US immigration law matters.

Choosing Secure Representation

As you embark on your US immigration journey, exercise caution in selecting your representation. Ensure that you work exclusively with licensed US immigration lawyers for a secure, lawful, and successful immigration process. Remember, immigration consultants cannot legally practice US immigration law. Secure your future by choosing the right legal representation.

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