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Our client reached out to us following a rejection of their E2 visa, and despite seeking help from another attorney, they were unsuccessful. Upon evaluating their circumstances, we successfully aided them in preparing a TN visa application for the role of a scientific technician. The application was approved smoothly at a port of entry. We discuss the details of the approval here.

TN Visa Approved as a Scientific Technician after E2 Visa denial.

The individual we’re representing attempted to secure their own E2 visa at the U.S. consulate in Toronto, but unfortunately, the application was not approved. Following this rejection and an unsuccessful attempt at seeking assistance from another immigration attorney, they approached us. We were able to facilitate their procurement of a TN visa under the category of a scientific technician. Currently, they’re employed in the U.S., working on the basis of their TN visa as a scientific technician.

I was denied by the U.S embassy in Toronto to get my E2 visa renewed. I talked with another lawyer before I called Jeremy and he told me that I was not a good candidate to get TN visa [as a Scientific Technologist]. I called Jeremy after I told him about my situation, Jeremy told me that I could apply for TN and that I was a good candidate for it. Jeremy started my case right away. The process went very smoothly at the border thanks to the documentation and coaching I received from Jeremy. I didn’t have much hope receiving TN before spoke with Jeremy but he made it happen. Getting 3 years TN visa changed my life. I highly recommend Jeremy L. Richards Immigration Law to everyone seeking to enter U.S.A. Thanks very much.

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