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Once USCIS has produced your green card, they provide tracking information for the proper delivery of your green card, employment authorization document (EAD), and travel document. Here’s how you can track their delivery.

How do I track the delivery of my green card, EAD, or travel document?

The following methods are the best ways to track the delivery of your immigration documents:

  • Sign up for a USCIS Case Status Online Account. It enables you to get automatic case updates, including your US Postal Service (USPS) tracking number, when they mail your card or travel document.
  • Register for “Informed Delivery” through USPS to get daily images of mail being sent to you. With Informed Delivery, you can automatically track the packages you’re expecting, set up email and text alerts, and enter delivery instructions for your mail carrier.

What if it shows my documents were delivered but I never received them?

If your USPS tracking information shows your package was delivered but you have not received it, contact your local post office immediately. USCIS will mail your card or travel document to the address you provided on your application or your designated legal representative.

Make sure your address is correct with USCIS to ensure delivery. If your mailing address changes after you file your application, you must update your address with USCIS and USPS as soon as possible.

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