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Are you a TN Visa holder interested in exploring concurrent employment opportunities in the United States? Understanding the intricacies of holding multiple positions simultaneously is crucial for maximizing your professional opportunities. This article provides insights into the process of concurrent employment on the TN Visa, including its benefits and essential considerations.

“Concurrent Employment” on TN Visa

The term “concurrent employment” refers to the unique condition allowing TN Visa holders to work for more than one employer simultaneously. While the TN Visa is typically employer-specific, holders have the flexibility to engage in multiple part-time roles concurrently. It’s important to note that approval must be obtained before commencing work with a new TN Visa employer. Many TN nonimmigrants leverage the advantage of part-time work, and certain professions, such as management consultants, often hold multiple TN Visas simultaneously.

How to Secure a Part-Time TN Visa

Obtaining a part-time TN Visa follows the same process as acquiring a full-time one. Whether applying at a US port of entry or consulate, part-time and full-time applications are submitted together, and if accurately presented with proper support, they are approved on the spot.

Getting an Additional TN Visa

Acquiring an additional TN Visa mirrors the process of obtaining the initial one. This can be done through mail with USCIS, in person with CBP, or at a US consulate. For Canadian TN Visa applicants applying at a Port of Entry (POE), a TN Visa support letter from each employer is essential. The CBP will issue an I-94, listing all employers, with additional I-94s issued if necessary. Mexican TN Visa applicants must present information about multiple employers during the application process, and the visa will reflect the names of approved employers.

TN Visa holders, both Canadian and Mexican, have the flexibility to add or change employers at a later date. However, it’s crucial to note that additional fees will apply for each new or additional TN Visa application.

Navigating concurrent employment on TN Visa opens up new avenues for professional growth. Whether you are seeking part-time opportunities or considering multiple employers, understanding the process ensures a seamless experience and maximizes the benefits of your TN Visa.

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