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It’s possible for a TN Visa nonimmigrant to work for multiple employers in the United States at the same time. It’s called “concurrent employment,” and here’s how it works.

What is “concurrent employment?”

The TN Visa is employer-specific, but you are allowed to have more than one TN employer at a time. This means that you need a unique TN Visa for each employer you intend to work for in the US. This is what is referred to as “concurrent employment.”

Since there’s no requirement for TN nonimmigrants to work full-time, there are individuals holding multiple part-time positions in the US. TN Visa holders are allowed to hold 2 separate visas at the same time, and more in some cases more. Management consultants, for example, often hold multiple TN Visas at once. Keep in mind that you cannot begin working for a new TN visa employer without prior approval.

How do I get a part-time TN Visa?

The procedures for obtaining TN Visas for part-time and full-time positions are the same. Both applications are submitted at a US port of entry and get approval on the spot if properly presented and supported.

How do I get an additional TN Visa?

Additional TN Visas can be added the same way as you obtained your initial TN Visa. Typically this is done by mail with USCIS or in-person with CBP.

  • Canadians with TN Visas. Canadian TN applicants applying at a Port of Entry (POE) should bring a TN Visa support letter from each of the employers they will be working for in the US.
    • At Land POEs: CBP will issue an I-94 with the names of the different employers annotated on the back. If there is not enough room on a single I-94 document, additional I-94s will be issued to accommodate the names of all of the employers. Where multiple I-94s are issued, CBP will put the same I-94 number on each. CBP will also update the electronic I-94 system to reflect all employers for whom the TN is authorized to work. The TN will be authorized to work for all employers listed in the electronic system, even if on subsequent trips he or she is issued only a single I-94.
    • At Airports: CBP will list the names of all employers in the electronic I-94 system. The TN should download the electronic I-94 after entry.
    • Note: TN applicants will pay the $50 filing fee only one time, regardless of the number of employers. The $6 I-94 fee will also be paid only one time unless multiple I-94s are issued at a land POE, in which case the TN must pay $6 for each I-94.
    • Canadian TN Visa holders originally approved for only one employer may return to the POE with new or additional TN Visa applications for concurrent employers at a later date. If new concurrent TN employment is added at a later date, the applicant will need to pay a $50 filing fee, plus $6 for a new I-94.
  • Mexicans with TN Visas. Mexican TN Visa applicants working for multiple employers must typically present this information to the consulate when applying for a visa. DOS should endorse the visa to reflect the names of approved employers.
    • Mexican TN applicants who are in possession of a valid TN visa endorsed for only one employer may present TN application letters at the POE to add new, concurrent employers.
    • CBP confirmed that Mexican citizens in possession of a valid TN visa may change employers by departing the US and seeking re-entry at a POE using the existing TN visa endorsed for the original employer, together with a TN application letter from the new employer. CBP will charge $50, plus a $6 I-94 fee, to adjudicate the new TN application.
    • Alternatively, Mexican citizens holding a valid TN Visa, and for whom an I-129 petition is filed and approved while he or she is in the US, may add concurrent employers or change employers by appearing at a POE and presenting the I-129 approval notice and visa without going to the consulate for a new visa. The petitioner(s) on the I-129 petition(s) need not be the same petitioner(s) endorsed on the visa.

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