TN visa

Do I need a TN Visa?

Generally, Canadian citizens do not require a visa to enter the United States for temporary purposes. They are considered visa-exempt. If you will be working inside the United States for either a US-based or foreign employer, you may be required to obtain a work visa (TN Visa).

Under the US Canada Mexico Agreement (USCMA) qualified Canadian business professionals are able to obtain TN visa status under designated TN professions.

In general, a TN Visa will be required if the following apply:

  • You have an offer of employment for a US entity.
  • You are entering the US as an employee of a Canadian company servicing a US entity.
  • You receive your wages from a US entity.
  • You are an employee of a US entity.

Your stay may not require a TN visa if the following apply:

  • Limited duration of time to stay in the United States, typically less than 6 months.
  • Intent to depart the United States.
  • Maintenance of a foreign residence.
  • Adequate financial arrangements.
  • Participating in legitimate business activities. Click here for acceptable activities as a business visitor.
  • The activity must preclude productive employment in the United States (Activity for a US-based company or its affiliate can be considered employment).

If your visit to the US falls outside of the limits of a visitor, you may require a TN Visa.

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