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Applying for a marriage-based green card can be overwhelming. Every year, many people make simple mistakes that can lead to a denial of their green card application. This article reviews the top five reasons why these applications often get denied.

1. Incomplete or Incorrect Paperwork

It’s easier than you think to make a mistake on your green card application or to forget an important document, piece of evidence, or Form. Triple-check everything and then check it again! Make sure all forms are completed accurately and that you’ve included everything from proof of a bonafide marriage to your marriage certificate. Errors here are a common cause of denials.

2. A Troublesome Past

A criminal or troublesome immigration history could get your application denied. This includes having a record of overstaying a visa, being deported, or even committing fraud to gain U.S. immigration benefits. Any of these could be red flags leading to a denial.

3. The Marriage Isn’t Believable

You need to prove that your marriage is bonafide and isn’t just for the green card. USCIS isn’t easily fooled! Showing evidence of your relationship like joint bank accounts, property leases, photos, or testimonies from friends and family can help strengthen your case. Failure to prove a bona fide marriage could result in a denial.

4. Potential Public Charge

If USCIS thinks you’re likely to depend on government assistance, it could deny your application. Factors they consider include age, health, income, assets, education, skills, and even family status. It’s essential to prove you won’t be a “public charge”.

5. Health Concerns

Certain health issues could result in a denial. For example, if you have a serious contagious disease, fail to get required vaccinations, or have physical or mental disorders posing threats, you could be considered inadmissible.

Every applicant’s case is unique, and there are other factors that can lead to denial. To ensure you’re on the right track, consider consulting with an immigration attorney.

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