As a Canadian citizen eyeing opportunities in the United States, understanding the intricacies of the U.S. work visa landscape is paramount. While the Canada-U.S. relationship eases the process, securing the right work visa remains pivotal. Let’s delve into the array of U.S. work visas available for Canadian citizens, ensuring you make informed choices based on your job description and qualifications.

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TN-1 Visa Status for Canadian Citizens

Under the U.S.-Canada-Mexico Agreement (USMCA), eligible Canadian business professionals can secure TN-1 visa status. Covering 63 professional categories, the TN-1 visa is ideal for Canadians with U.S. job contracts or offers.

H-1B Visas for Canadians

Tailored for specialized occupations requiring a 4-year degree or equivalent professional experience, the H-1B visa is an alternative for Canadians. Be mindful of the annual limit and lottery system for these visas, necessitating early planning.

H-1B Visas for Canadians

L-1 Visas for Canadian Citizens

Canadian employees in companies with U.S. branches can explore the L-1 visa for inter-company transfers. Executives, managers, or those with specialized knowledge roles may qualify for this visa.

L-1 Visas for Canadians

O-1 Visas for Canadians of Extraordinary Ability

Demonstrating exceptional ability in various fields, Canadians can opt for the O-1 visa. This category includes sciences, arts, education, business, athletics, or notable achievements in the motion picture or TV industry.

O-1 Visas for Canadians with Extraordinary Ability

E-1 Visas for Canadian Businesses and Professionals

Designated for Canadian businesses and professionals engaged primarily in trade with the United States, the E-1 Visa requires more than 50% of international business (excluding Canada) with the U.S.

E-1 Visas for Canadian Traders

E-2 Visas for Canadian Investors

The E-2 Visa caters to Canadians making significant business investments in the U.S., creating jobs for U.S. workers. This option is suitable for those with substantial business investments.

Empower your U.S. work visa journey by exploring these tailored options and making informed decisions aligned with your career goals as a Canadian citizen.

E-2 Visas for Canadian Investors

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