Proof of Education for a TN visa

What qualifies for proof of education for a TN visa? There is an academic  or experience requirement for each profession listed under the USMCA (NAFTA) professions. A TN Visa applicant needs to provide proof of required education to qualify for a TN visa. There are cases when TN Visa applicants hold a degree in fields other than the ones listed in TN Visa professions they applied for. It’s not a requirement for the degree earned to exactly match the degree listed for the TN Visa profession. In many cases, a TN Visa applicant with a degree in closely related field of transcripts that indicates a course study related to the TN Visa profession can qualify for TN Visa status.

It is a general requirement for the TN visa that the education be earned in Canada, Mexico or the United States. If the applicants earned their degree in another country, a foreign credentials evaluation becomes necessary before they apply for TN visa.

These situations may make your TN Visa application complex. It’s best to seek the help of an experienced TN Visa Lawyer to ensure proper preparation of a complete and approvable TN Visa application. The application for TN Visa must include proof of education.

TN Visa Proof of Education for a TN Visa with CBP

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requires ORIGINAL proof of your qualifications. This may include:

If you do no present the ORIGINAL evidence of the necessary education listed under the USCMA(NAFTA) profession, it may result in denial of TN visa.

TN Visa Proof of Education for a TN Visa with USCIS

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) does not require original documents. However, they do require legible copies of all proof of education to support your TN visa. Do not send original documents to USCIS unless they specifically request originals.

TN Visa Proof of Education for a TN Visa at a U.S. Consulates or Embassy

Is you are a Mexican citizen applying for a TN visa at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy, you must provide original documentation proving that you meet the minimum education and/or work experience requirements under the USMCA (NAFTA) profession.  Such, evidence may include degrees, diplomas, certificates, professional licenses, and proof of experience or business records.

Experienced TN Visa Lawyer

We are experienced at reviewing resumes, job duties and degrees to determine if a TN Visa application is properly prepared. If you are looking for assistance with your TN visa application and your proof of education for a TN visa, we can assist you.

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