Renewing your TN visa status before the expiration date stated on Form I-94 and maintaining your employment are very important. Losing your job or failure to renew your TN visa status before it expires means you’re out of status. It’s against the U.S. immigration laws to continue working after your TN visa status expires. Also, you must leave the United States immediately if you get fired or lose your job. You are not allowed to work for a new employer if your employment with the initial employer stops.

Failure to renew your TN visa status in a timely manner or to depart immediately after the loss of employment may lead to your ineligibility for future travels to the United States. In such cases, you need to reapply for a new TN visa at a U.S. port of entry. Staying within the U.S. even for just a day when you become out of status makes your TN visa status automatically voided in accordance with INA 222(g). We have helped many Canadians who made employment changes to obtain new TN visas. Contact us today for a free assessment of your TN visa matters.