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US Immigration for Family Members


US Immigration for family members of US Citizens and Green Cardholders

Richards and Jurusik US Immigration lawyers have extensive experience with the US Immigration Lawyers at Richards and Jurusik has more than 20+ years of combined experience in US Immigration for family members of US citizens and green cardholders. Although we can assist with most US Immigration Law matters, we have specific experience with Green cards for spouses, parents, children, and siblings of US Citizens; Fiance visas; Green cards for spouses and children of green card holders, and more. We offer affordable flat fees and excellent client service.

Common options for US Immigration for Family Members

If you are a US Citizen for a US permanent resident (Green card holder), you are able to sponsor qualifying relatives for US immigration. We have extensive experience helping both US citizens and US permanent residents to sponsor their qualifying family members for US immigration. Some common options include:

We know how to help US Citizens and US Permanent residents with the US immigration sponsorship process. If you need assistance with US Immigration for family members, we can help.

US Immigration for Family Members