TN Visa Professions list TN visa Occupations

TN Visa Professions ListTN Visa Occupations – Below is the complete TN Visa professions list with all professions that qualify for a TN Visa  under the USCMA (NAFTA). It’s important that the job you are looking for in the US or the job that you have been offered matches closely to the TN visa professions on the USMCA professions list below. If your job title does not match exactly, but your experience and education match the requirements of that TN Visa profession, you may still be eligible to get TN Visa status. Click your profession for the detailed requirements and a breakdown for your TN Visa Profession or TN Visa Occupation. Speak with A TN Visa Lawyer to see if your TN Visa Profession – TN Visa Occupation qualifies for a TN Visa – 1-866-697-1832

NAFTA (USCMA) Appendix 1603.D.1

TN Visa Professions List – TN Visa Occupations List

TN Visa Professions – General

TN Visa Professions – Medical Field

TN Visa Professions – Scientists

TN Visa Professions – Teachers

TN Visa Professions List – TN Visa Occupations