The TN Visa education requirements can be confusing and often difficult to understand. When looking at the list of TN visa professions, specific degree concentrations are not listed. There are TN Visa professions where you can qualify with a Bachelors Degree, TN Visa professions where you can qualify with a diploma or a certificate plus years of experience, and even TN visa professions where you can qualify based on experience alone. This complicates the process of determining your TN visa degree requirements under the USCMA (NAFTA).

How to Determine TN Visa Education Requirements

When determining whether or not your education meets the minimum TN visa degree requirements for a TN visa profession, keep the following guidance in mind:

TN Visa Education Requirements – Degrees, Certificates, and Diplomas

TN Visa Experience Requirements

TN Visa Education Evaluation Requirements

Additional Considerations for TN Visa Education Requirements

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