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TN Visa Denied!

TN Visa Denied! Based on our extensive experience handling TN visa applications, TN Visa denials happen for one of the following reason: (1) You are not qualified for a TN visa, (2) You had insufficient supporting documentation, and (3) Bad legal advice. If you were denied either due to insufficient documentation or bad legal advice, contact an experienced TN visa lawyer before re-applying. The TN visa lawyers at Richards and Jurusik have over 20+ years of TN visa experience and hundreds of 5 star client reviews. We always start with a free case assessment and offer several TN visa legal services.

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Reason One: You are not qualified for a TN visa

Many times a TN visa is denied for a valid reason, the applicant was not qualified for a TN visa. This typically happens when the applicant does not meet the TN visa education requirementsOR, the position applied for does not fall under a qualifying TN Visa profession.

Reason Two: You had insufficient supporting documentation

In some cases the denial is based on the lack of preparation of the applicant. Common reasons are:

  1. Insufficient offer/support letter. This can occur if the letter does not address the proper TN visa profession, does not include detailed duties, does not list a starting and end date, is not on official company letterhead, is not an original ink signed letter, among other reasons.
  2. Degree and certificate issues – When applying for a TN visa you must present your original degrees, certificates, and their supporting transcripts. They will not accept copies. They also require degree equivalencies for degrees earned outside of North America and English language translations for documents in languages other than English.

Reason Three: Bad legal advice

Unfortunately, we see this happen all too often. Bad advice can come from the notorious “Immigration Consultants“, general practice lawyers, corporate counsel, and even from immigration lawyers. Many Canadian Law firms contract to “Immigration Consultants” who are not authorized to practice U.S. Immigration law and often provide bad advice with little to no consequences. Beware of who you hire. There are also many lawyers that “dabble” in immigration law and even immigration lawyers that are inexperienced with TN visa matters. Bad legal advice is often the culprit behind many TN visa denials.

TN visa Denied, now what?

If you have been denied for a TN Visa for any reason, don’t panic. There may be options to reapply and still obtain approval of your TN visa. Before you reapply, you should seek the advice of an experienced licensed U.S. Immigration Lawyer. Ask for reviews, do your research, and make sure you are working with a lawyer with specific experience with TN visa matters.

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