TN Visa Management Consultant – There are a few TN Professions that raise immediate concern and face increased scrutiny at the border. One profession is the management consultant. A main reason for high scrutiny of those applying for TN status as a management consultant, is that you can qualify without a degree. This leads to many frivolous and fraudulent applications. Unlike other TN visa professions, to obtain a TN visa as a management consultant: You can qualify based on a degree; experience as a management consultant; or experience in a field related to a consulting agreement. If you require assistance with a TN visa application as a management consultant, we can help. We have over 20+ years of success helping Canadians and Mexicans obtain TN visa status as management consultants. Call us today 1-866-697-1832

TN Visa Status for Management Consultants

One of the most scrutinized and problematic of all TN visa categories is Management Consultant. When a person presents a TN visa application as a Management Consultant, the NAFTA officer will take extra care to make certain that the applicant is truly a consultant. One of the main reasons behind the scrutiny given to TN Management Consultant applicants is because this profession has been widely misused. Many Canadians that do not fit into other TN visa professions attempt to enter as TN Management Consultants because there is not a degree requirement.

TN Visa Management Consultant Factors

Although you can qualify with a bachelor degree, you can also qualify with five years of experience in consulting, or, five years of experience in a field directly related to a consulting agreement with  a U.S. entity. Additionally, the Management Consultant category is not attached to a specific industry. The option of qualifying with 5 years of related experience, opens up TN visa applications that do not fit into any other USMCA profession. NAFTA officers are forced to filter through frivolous management consultant applications with a high level of scrutiny in order to determine if the application is legitimate, or, if the applicant if someone trying to find an alternative way to get TN status.

TN Visa Management Consultant Temporary Nature

In general, a person in the role of management Consultant works as an independent contractor or as a consultant. As such they work directly with the management team of an organization in order to improve managerial, operating and financial performance. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) classifies such roles as Management Analysts. Management consultants are typically hired to perform a temporary role. The temporary nature of the Management Consultant role extends beyond a temporary period to a temporary job. This means that the job will be performed and completed within a temporary time period, generally within a a maximum three-year time limit. Often, the Management Consultant does not fill a vacant position within the company. They are given a temporary supernumerary position that terminates upon completion of their consulting duties. However, when working for a consulting company the role can be of a more definitive time period.

TN Visa Management Consultant Requirements

The requirements for a TN visa as a management consultant include:

  1. Proof of Canadian or Mexican Citizenship;
  2. A consulting arrangement or job offer from a U.S. entity for a temporary duration; and
  3. A Baccalaureate or Licenciatura degree in a closely related field; OR 5 Years of experience as a consultant;  OR 5 years of experience in a specialty related to a consulting agreement.
  4. A resume is self serving and is not adequate proof of qualifying experience. It is not enough to simply state that you have past experience or have developed a specific specialty you must provide tangible proof through former employer or client letters.

Qualifying as a Management Consultant with Experience

The most often overlooked option is to qualify as a management consultant with 5 years of experience in a specialty related to a consulting agreement. Although this option can be more difficult to obtain, it is just as viable as the other two options. Canadian business professionals that do not operate a consulting business or who have not accumulated 5 years of experience as a consultant but who have 5 years of experience in a specific specialty, can qualify as a TN management consultant. The option of obtaining employment based on 5 years of experience in a specialty related to a consulting agreement opens the door for many experienced Canadian professionals that do not otherwise qualify under another TN visa profession.

TN Visa Lawyer

We have experience helping Canadian and Mexican business professionals obtain temporary employment in the U.S. as TN management consultants. The nature of TN visas for Management Consultants creates complex issues that are best dealt with by a TN visa lawyer with experience preparing TN Management Consultant applications. If you are a Management Consultant, or, are in the process of determining whether or not the Management Consultant category will work for you, we can help. Contact us today to determine your most viable immigration options.