College Teachers pass their expertise and knowledge on to the next generation, help their students obtain imaginative and critical thinking, provide practical training and shape the goals, lives and careers of their students. College Teachers are experts of their subject fields and utilize them for the good of the society as a whole.  They facilitate learning by teaching academic subjects which include seminars, lectures, tutorials, field work, e-learning and practical laboratory demonstrations.

The work of the College Teachers involve forming lesson plans, responding to the learning needs of students, conducting educational exercises, presenting learning material and evaluating the students’ learning progress. While helping students to learn, College Teachers also keep up with developments in their field by referring to their colleagues, attending professional conferences and reading literature.

To qualify for a TN Visa as a College Teacher, the applicant for the TN visa must have earned, and is able to provide proof of the following educational requirements:

  1. Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree

The applicant for a TN Visa as a College Teacher must also provide the additional requirements:

  1. Proof of Canadian citizenship;
  2. A detailed support letter from prospective employer;
  3. Proof of intent to return to his/her permanent residence in Canada at the expiration of the temporary TN Visa stay

If the applicant is able to provide evidence of the requirements enumerated above, he/she may qualify for TN Visa as a College Teacher. A qualified College Teacher can obtain TN Visa Professional status for a maximum of three years. The number of extensions has no limit. However, the professional must continue to demonstrate that his/her employment is temporary in nature, and that his/her NAFTA entry is not used to bypass normal procedures of immigration.