What Mexican degrees qualify for TN Visa status?

Mexican citizens can work in the United States under TN Visa status if they meet the necessary educational requirement for the USMCA profession. Each qualifying profession is listed under Appendix 2 of Annex 16-A.A.2 of the USMCA. We discuss the Mexican education of a Cedula, Titulo, and Carta de Pasante for TN Visa purposes here.

What Mexican degrees qualify for TN visa status?

The education requirements for TN Visa status are laid out under the Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM). Under 9 FAM 402.17-5(C)  Education and/or Experience Requirement, the following is acceptable for Mexican citizens:

  • A cedula professional (a professional credential issued by the Public Education Secretariat [SEP]);
  • A título (a university diploma) as evidence of the completion of a degree program for categories that require the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree (“Licenciatura”); and
  • An applicant may present a cedula professional issued by one of the Mexican state governments, which is also a recognized credential.

Does a Carta de pasante qualify for TN visa status?

A Carta de pasante does not provide sufficient evidence of the bearer’s completion of a bachelor’s degree equivalent as it only attests to the bearer’s completion of the coursework required for a degree and not the full completion of all degree requirements for the Licenciatura.

What field does the degree need to be in?

When Appendix 2 of Annex 16-A.A.2 requires a degree, the degree does not necessarily need to be in the specific field if there is a significant overlap with the subject of the degree and the work to be performed.  For example, a TN visa applicant who is to perform the work of a Biochemist in the U.S. and possesses a degree in chemistry may be as qualified to perform the duties of the position as an applicant with a biochemistry degree. When a specific degree is required for TN classification a combination of education and experience may not be used as a substitute for the specific degree.

What are the TN Visa Degree Requirements?

Does my job offer qualify for a TN visa?

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