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Ensuring the proper order of your immigration documents is paramount when dealing with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Amidst various considerations, the significance of a valid signature often gets overlooked. Let’s delve into the USCIS signature requirements to understand why it’s a crucial step in your immigration journey.

USCIS Signature Requirement Explained

USCIS explicitly mandates that every form, petition, request, and specific document must bear a valid signature. This signature, personally penned by the requestor, serves as a testament to the authenticity and seriousness of the submission.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Failure to meet the USCIS signature requirement leads to rejection and the return of your filing. Unlike some errors that allow for corrections, missing or incorrect signatures demand a fresh submission with the accurate signature.

Characteristics of a ‘Valid’ Signature

For a signature to meet USCIS standards, it must be handwritten, reflecting the signer’s awareness of the content and approval of the information presented. Additionally, it serves as a certification under the penalty of perjury, affirming the truthfulness of the statements made. Notably, the signature can be in any language, and even an “X” mark is acceptable, provided it aligns with the individual’s usual signing style.

Originality and Format Flexibility

USCIS exhibits flexibility regarding how the signature reaches them. Whether handwritten on the original document or present on a photocopied, faxed, or scanned version, the signature remains valid. Importantly, USCIS does not mandate the actual “wet ink” signature unless explicitly stated in the form’s instructions.

Signatures USCIS Won’t Accept

Typewritten, word-processed, stamped, or similar artificial signatures are unacceptable. However, electronic format signatures are permissible for electronically filed requests, following the guidelines specified in the form instructions.


Adhering to USCIS signature requirements is a simple yet crucial step in your immigration process. Before submitting your forms and documents, ensure they align with these guidelines. This proactive approach ensures a smoother application process, free from unnecessary hassles and delays.

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