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The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) has opened doors for Canadian and Mexican citizens to engage in professional activities within the U.S. through the TN Visa program. This visa category is designed for prearranged professional-level business activities for eligible U.S. or foreign employers.

Chapter 16 of USMCA: The Foundation for TN Visa Eligibility

Chapter 16 of the USMCA lists specific professions eligible for TN visa status, emphasizing that only citizens (not permanent residents) of Canada or Mexico can qualify. The detailed list includes a variety of occupations, catering to a broad spectrum of professional fields.

TN-1 Visa Status for Canadian Nationals

Canadian citizens enjoy a streamlined process for obtaining TN visa status. The three primary application methods include:

  1. At a U.S. Port of Entry or Pre-Flight Inspection: Typically, the fastest and most cost-effective route for Canadians.
  2. Filing Form I-129 with USCIS: For those seeking to change their status while in the U.S.
  3. Consular Processing: Used in specific situations.

Our legal services offer comprehensive assistance to Canadian professionals navigating the TN Visa application process.

TN-2 Visa Status for Mexican Nationals

Mexican nationals follow a slightly different process, which includes obtaining a TN visa stamp prior to U.S. entry. The methods include:

  1. Consular Processing: The most common approach, involving obtaining a TN visa stamp from a U.S. consulate.
  2. At a U.S. Port of Entry: Available for those already holding a valid TN-2 visa stamp.
  3. Filing Form I-129 with USCIS: Applicable for individuals already in the U.S. in legal immigration status.

We provide expert immigration services to guide Mexican nationals through the TN Visa process.

Key Differences Between TN Visa Status for Canadians and Mexicans

A significant distinction between the TN processes for Canadians and Mexicans lies in the visa requirement. Mexican citizens must obtain a TN visa stamp for entry, adding an extra step to their application process. This requirement can extend the timeline and complexity for Mexican applicants compared to their Canadian counterparts.


The TN Visa under USMCA offers a unique opportunity for Canadian and Mexican professionals to work in the U.S. Understanding the distinct application methods and requirements is crucial for a smooth visa process. Our specialized immigration services provide tailored assistance to ensure compliance and successful navigation of the TN Visa journey.

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