For US citizens with a singular past criminal conviction, entering Canada might still be a possibility through the concept of “deemed rehabilitation.” This process evaluates your past criminal record and determines whether you’re considered rehabilitated in the eyes of Canadian immigration law. Here’s what you need to know:

Criteria for Deemed Rehabilitation

Deemed rehabilitation depends on several factors:

  1. Nature of the Committed Crime: The type of offense plays a significant role in determining eligibility.
  2. Severity and Time Elapsed:
    • Minimum of 10 years since completing the sentence for one indictable offense.
    • At least 5 years for two or more summary convictions.
  3. Frequency of Crimes: The number of offenses committed affects your eligibility.
  4. Comparative Punishment in Canada: The offense must be punishable by less than 10 years imprisonment in Canada.

Assessing Eligibility for Deemed Rehabilitation

There is no formal application process; however, there are several ways to assess your eligibility:

  • Consular Office Assessment: Prior to traveling, it’s wise to check your status with the Canadian consulate in your region. You can fill out an Application for Rehabilitation for informational purposes to ascertain your eligibility.
  • Canadian Port of Entry Assessment: You can also be assessed at a Canadian Port of Entry. Bring all relevant documents about your criminal history. Canadian immigration officers will review these to decide if you qualify. However, this comes with the risk of potential inadmissibility.
  • Attorney Assessment: Consulting with an attorney licensed in both the US and Canada provides an accurate assessment of your convictions. Our licensed attorneys can help you understand how your US convictions compare against the Canadian criminal code.

Alternatives to Deemed Rehabilitation

If you don’t qualify for deemed rehabilitation, consider these options:

  1. Temporary Resident Permit: This permit allows entry to Canada for a specific time, ideal for those who need to travel but don’t meet the criteria for deemed rehabilitation.
  2. Criminal Rehabilitation: This more permanent solution removes the inadmissibility from your record, allowing future travel to Canada without the hurdles of past convictions.

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