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As a US lawful permanent residence (LPR) there are situations where you may need to obtain proof from US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), that you remain in lawful immigration status. This can be done by obtaining an ADIT stamp from USCIS. We discuss the meaning of an “ADIT” stamp and when it is necessary here.

What is an ADIT stamp?

The acronym “ADIT” stands for Alien Documentation, Identification and Telecommunication stamp. This is also referred to as an I-551 stamp.  An ADIT stamp is affixed to a passport or on an I-94 card and is used as temporary proof of lawful permanent resident status.

When is an ADIT stamp needed?

Through recent USCIS procedures, the need for ADIT stamps has been reduced through longer automatic extensions of LPR status when renewing or replacing a green card. You may still require an ADIT stamp for the following situations:

  • You have a pending I-90 Application – US permanent residents, that have filed an I-90, and the 24-month extension listed on the receipt notice has expired.

USCIS Update – USCIS Extends Green Card Validity Extension to 24 Months for Green Card Renewals

  • You have a pending I-751 or I-829 Petition – Conditional permanent residents, that have filed an I-751 or an I-829 petition to remove conditions, and the 48-month extension listed on the receipt notice has expired.

USCIS announces extension of green cards for I-751 and I-829 petitioners to 48 Months

  • You never received or lost your Green Card –  Permanent or conditional residents who have filed either an I-90, I-751, or I-829, but the original card was never received or was lost/stolen/destroyed/mutilated, so there is no physical card to show with the receipt notice for travel, work, etc.

When is an ADIT stamp not needed?

If you are a lawful permanent resident with an expired green card an ADIT stamp is not needed in the following situations:

  • You have a USCIS Receipt Notice extension that is still valid – For permanent or conditional residents in possession of their expired cards, who have a receipt notice listed above and the corresponding automatic extension listed on the receipt notice has not yet expired.
  • You have a pending N-400 – You filed form N-400 on or after December 12, 2022, and the N-400 was filed at least six months before the expiration of your green card, the N-400 receipt will provide an automatic extension of your LPR card for 24 months. An ADIT stamp will not be needed within that 24-month extension period.

USCIS UPDATE – USCIS Automatic Extension of Green Cards for Naturalization Applicants

How do I get an ADIT stamp?

If you are in need of an ADIT stamp, you can obtain one by scheduling an appointment through the USCIS Contact Center.  When you call USCIS to request an ADIT stamp, the immigration officer will verify if are eligible to receive an ADIT stamp by mail or need to attend in person. They will then either schedule an in-person appointment, if needed, or submit a request to the USCIS field office to issue the ADIT stamp. If an in-person appointment is not needed, the USCIS field office will review the request for temporary evidence and mail a Form I-94 with an ADIT stamp, DHS seal, and your printed photo from the USCIS database.

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