Consular Report of Birth Abroad

For US citizens residing abroad, the birth of a child raises essential questions about the child’s citizenship status. The Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) is a crucial document in this context. This post will discuss a CRBA and how you can apply for it.

What Is a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA)?

A CRBA is an official record recognizing the birth of a child with US citizenship outside the United States. It acts as proof that the child acquired US citizenship at birth. Notably, a CRBA is not an indicator of the child’s legal parentage. It is issued for children born outside the United States to US parents under 18 at the time of application. Children aged 18 and over are ineligible for a CRBA but may still apply for a US Passport.

Applying for a CRBA

The application for a CRBA involves submitting the Department of State Form DS-2029, Application for Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States. The application process varies by location, so it’s essential to consult with the specific US Embassy or Consulate in the country of the child’s birth.

  1. Gather Required Documents: This includes proof of the parent’s US citizenship, evidence of the child’s birth, and documentation of the parent’s physical presence in the United States before the child’s birth.
  2. Submit Form DS-2029: Check the procedures at your local US Embassy or Consulate for the correct submission method.
  3. Attend an Interview (if required): Some consulates may require a personal interview with the parent(s).

Expert Assistance for CRBA Applications

Navigating the CRBA process can be complex, especially when considering the physical presence of US citizens’ parents in the United States. Our firm specializes in assisting US citizens in obtaining CRBAs for their children born overseas. We can guide the process, ensuring you meet all necessary criteria for a successful application.

Securing a CRBA is vital in confirming your child’s citizenship status and ensuring their rights as a US citizen. You can navigate this process smoothly with the correct preparation and expert assistance.

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