Contrary to popular belief, not all E-2 visa investments require multi-million dollar expenditures. Many E-2 visa investments consist of smaller, cumulative amounts. It’s vital for applicants to understand which expenses are eligible for inclusion in the total investment amount for an E-2 investor visa.

E-2 Visa Investment Requirements

According to INA 101(a)(15)(E)(ii), an E-2 visa is available to investors who are committed to developing and directing the operations of an enterprise with a substantial capital investment. The definition of “investment” for E-2 purposes includes the source, risk, and commitment of funds. These factors are critical in determining the eligibility of the investment.

Eligible Expenses for E-2 Visa Applications

The total investment amount can include a variety of business-related expenses. For E-2 visa purposes, eligible expenses may encompass:

  1. Purchase of land or real property.
  2. Office supplies, equipment, inventory, and other operational expenses.
  3. Costs associated with permits, licensing, insurance, legal, and other professional fees.
  4. Marketing expenditures, including websites, signage, brochures, and advertisements.
  5. Utility payments, such as electricity, gas, water, internet, and phone services.
  6. Value of equipment or goods transferred to the U.S., like machinery for manufacturing or vehicles for logistics operations.
  7. Lease payments for property and/or equipment, with up to one year of advanced payments applicable towards the investment.

Documenting Your Expenses

It is crucial that all expenses are demonstrably for investment purposes and not personal use. Proper documentation is key; expenses that cannot be substantiated with adequate proof will not be accepted in the E-2 visa investment calculation.


For an E-2 investor visa application, a clear understanding of what constitutes an eligible investment expense is paramount. By including a broad range of business-related expenditures and ensuring thorough documentation, applicants can enhance their chances of a successful visa application.

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