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If you are applying for a TN Visa, you are required to present an offer letter from your prospective employer. Here’s a list of what your TN offer letter needs.

1. It has to be an original document.

Your TN offer letter must be original on official US company letterhead signed in ink. CBP is now following the USCIS signature requirements and will accept copies of original ink-signed documents. *Be careful when relying on a copy as CBP still has the discretion to require original ink-signed documents and forms.

2. It has to include specific information.

Your original ink-signed TN offer letter must include the following information:

  • The TN Visa profession under which you are applying (this must match one from the official TN professions list)
  • The start and end date for the intended employment (from one day up to three years)
  • The wage or salary offered (must be consistent with the industry-standard wage for that TN profession)
  • A detailed list of the proposed duties (these should match the duties from the TN profession job description)

3. It should include any additional information necessary for your TN Visa application.

Your TN offer letter should also include any other details needed to appraise the Officer of the position you will be performing in the United States.

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