USICS I-797 Notices

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) communicates vital information through various Form I-797 notices. Understanding the nuances of each notice is crucial for applicants and petitioners. This guide aims to calrify the meanings and significance of different USCIS Form I-797 notices.

USCIS Form I-797: An Overview

A USCIS Form I-797 Notice is an official communication channel that provides critical updates on your immigration case. Keeping a record of these notices is essential for transparency and promptly addressing discrepancies.

  1. Form I-797, Notice of Action, is a versatile notice used to acknowledge the receipt or approval of applications or petitions. It contains essential details such as Receipt Number, Received Date, Notice Date, Priority Date, Case Type, Petitioner, Beneficiary, USCIS Alien Number, and Preference Classification. Ensuring the accuracy of this information is paramount.
  2. Form I-797(A), Notice of Action, serves a distinct purpose by replacing Form I-94. This replacement serves as proof of valid immigration status; you can find it at the bottom of Form I-797A.
  3. Form I-797(B), Notice of Action, is issued upon the approval of a non-immigrant visa petition. It plays a crucial role in obtaining a visa or gaining entry into the US at a designated port, depending on your citizenship.
  4. Form I-797(C), Notice of Action, covers various case updates, including receipt acknowledgment, case rejection, transfer, fingerprint and biometrics appointments, interview notices, rescheduling, and case reopening. Staying informed about these updates is essential.
  5. Form I-797(D), Notice of Action, indicates the approval of benefits cards, such as the employment authorization document (EAD). It plays a vital role in confirming your eligibility for specific benefits.
  6. USCIS uses Form I-797(E), Notice of Action, to request additional evidence from applicants or petitioners. Responding promptly to these requests is crucial for the progression of your case.
  7. Form I-797(F), Transportation Letter, is issued overseas to facilitate applicants’ travel. This form is crucial for those planning to travel during the immigration process.


It is recommended that you consult the USCIS’s official website or seek legal advice for specific inquiries related to your USCIS Form I-797 notices. This will help you stay informed, understand the significance of each notice, and navigate your immigration journey with confidence.

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