H-1B lottery

1. TN-1 Visa for Canadian Nationals

Discover the advantages of hiring Canadian citizens under the TN-1 visa program. With special provisions under the USMCA, US employers can leverage the TN-1 visa to bring qualified Canadian professionals on board.

As a US Employer, what do I need to know about hiring a Canadian?

2. TN-2 Visa for Mexican Nationals

Mexican citizens seeking work in the U.S. must navigate the world of work visas. Uncover the various work visa options available for Mexicans and understand the considerations for U.S. employers hiring Mexican nationals.

As a US Employer, what do I need to know about hiring a Canadian?

3. E-3 Visa for Australian Nationals

Explore the unique benefits of employing Australian citizens through the E-3 visa program. With no lottery constraints, a cost-effective process, and swift approval, the E-3 visa offers an advantageous alternative for U.S. employers.

As a US employer, what do I need to know about hiring an Australian?

4. H-1B1 for Singaporean or Chilean Nationals

Delve into the advantages of the H-1B1 visa exclusively designed for Singaporean and Chilean nationals. Learn about the numerical limits, benefits, and considerations when hiring under this specialized visa program.

As a US employer, what do I need to know about hiring a Singaporean or Chilean national?

5. H-1B Transfers

Unlock the potential of hiring foreign nationals already under H-1B visa status. H-1B transfers present a streamlined process for employers to acquire foreign talent that has already navigated the lottery.

How do I transfer my H1-B Visa to a new employer?

6. Who Needs Work Authorization in the USA?

Understand the diverse options for U.S. temporary work visas and the crucial role of work authorization. Gain insights into the process of obtaining work authorization and the necessary steps for both employers and foreign nationals.

Who needs to get work authorization for a US work visa? Temporary Work Visas

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